maandag 5 februari 2024

Sam in Slovakia

                                                    Sam has found his way to Slovakia!  
                     I hope the Slovak children and their parents will enjoy Sam's adventures 
                                                        with his little gnome friend too.

zondag 4 februari 2024

Pomme et le potiron

Pomme has found her way to France. 
I hope French children and their parents will enjoy her story too! 


donderdag 29 september 2022

Pomme and the pumpkins

The first pumpkin soup of the season! From a pumpkin from our own garden. 
What is more satisfying than making and eating pumpkin soup from a pumpkin that you have grown and cared for yourself?
[It is also very satisfying to eat it from bowls I have thrown with my own hands].


zondag 21 augustus 2022

Pomme and the Pumpkins

 Pomme is out !
You can find her here.
Isn't it magical that you can put a seed in the soil and from such a seed a plant will grow. I am always amazed by it, even though I have planted hundreds of seeds.


donderdag 21 juli 2022

Pomme and the Pumpkins

Look what arrived while I was enjoying our holiday: Pomme and the Pumpkins as a real book.
I am very grateful for all the help I have received from Eleanor [text and story] and Richard [illustrations and lay-out], for all their ideas, for their enthusiasm and expertise and for their attention for details. Without them my manuscript wouldn't have become a book.

Pomme and the Pumpkins is printed with plant-based inks [and printed on sustainably sourced FSC paper], something that makes me very happy!


donderdag 5 mei 2022

Pomme and the Pumpkins

A page from the new autumn-winter '22 catalogue of Floris Books. 


woensdag 27 april 2022

Pomme and the Pumkins


I just planted the pumpkin seeds I had saved last autumn [after making pumpkin soup] and it feels like the right moment to tell a little bit about a new book about a child, some pumpkin seeds and a very special friend:
Pomme saves pumpkin seeds while she is making pumpkin soup with her father. In spring she carefully plants the seeds and looks curiously how the seeds sprout, fruit and ripen. Is she the only one who looks after the pumpkin plants?

 Due out half August.
For this book I made a whole pile of sketches from the growing process of my pumpkin plants through the seasons.

To be continued.

donderdag 17 februari 2022

Sam and the Gnome's Red Hat/storm

 It's just the right weather for Sam and the Gnome's Red Hat, with one storm after another. 


vrijdag 3 december 2021

Pip the Gnome and the Christmas Tree

                                      I wonder if this could be Pip the Gnome's Christmas tree?
                                        Ook in het Nederlands: Kabouter Thijm en de kerstboom


maandag 1 november 2021

sweet chestnuts

                                          Forest gifts to feast on: roasted sweet chestnuts.